Using dehydrated urine / fake pee for drug tests - What you should know

Urine substitution with clean, drug-free urine is the most reliable way to pass a drug test. Here we explain how to use dehydrated urine and how it is used to pass a drug test.

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Using dehydrated urine / fake pee for drug tests - What you should know

Urine substitution with clean, drug-free urine is the most reliable way to pass a drug test. Here we explain how to use dehydrated urine and how it is used to pass a drug test.

As drug testing becomes cheaper and more portable, random drug tests are also becoming more common. When it comes to beating a random drug screen, dehydrated urine is your best option.

Although using dehyrdated urine to beat a drug test requires a few more steps than frozen urine, it has two distinct advantages:

  • It can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to one year along with the other items like heating element and temperature indicator, and
  • you don't need access to a freezer or wait for the urine to thaw before you can use it

What to do for the urine test

Because dehydrated urine takes a few more steps than frozen urine, it is really important that you not accidentally contaminate the sample with trace chemicals. To protect against this, be sure to wash your hands, including under your fingernails, very thoroughly. You also need to be careful that you are not mixing the dehydrated sample in or on surfaces that may contain chemical residues. Finally, be sure that you use the deionized water that the vendor provides, since tap water may contain chemicals that don't usually show up in urine.

Each vendor has their own steps for preparing the sample. We recommend that you not mix the dehydrated sample with water until the day of your test. The reason is that adding water starts the process where some of the chemicals in the dehydrated sample start to break down.

Make sure that you follow the supplier's instructions closely. To better familiarize you with what steps you can expect, here's how to prepare if you order a dehydrated urine kit from us:

  1. Open 1 vial of dehydrated urine
  2. Pour the vial of powdered urine into a clean mixing container.
  3. Use a syringe (provided) to extract 60cc/ml of distilled water from the IV bag (provided)
  4. Add the distilled water to the mixing container
  5. Use a clean stirring stick or spoon to completely mix the water and urine sample (color should turn yellow and you should not see floating particles in the water
  6. Use the syringe again to collect the dissolved urine sample making sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe
  7. With all air removed from the syringe, attach the syringe to the IV bag tubing and re-inject the entire solution into the IV bag
  8. Use the clips (provided) to seal the IV tubing and detach the syringe
  9. Clean the syringe with soap and water so that you can use it again later.

Now, find the heating element that came with your purchase. This is often a chemically activated element good for a single use. Follow the instructions for activating the heating element and use it to heat your urine sample to body temperature.

To ensure your sample is the proper temperature, we include a temperature strip. Adhere the temperature strip to the urine sample container (e.g. IV bag) farthest from the heating element. Body temperature is 98.6 fahrenheit or 37 degrees celcius. Once your urine sample has reached this temperature, it's time to provide the sample.

Vendors have different ways to hide the substitute urine sample. After more than 20 years in the business, our combination of IV bag, velcro strip, and tube clamps has stood the test of time. It is the most flexible, as it works for both men and women. The tubing is very discrete and can work under even close observation. While you can rely on the pressure of the velcro strip to push urine out of the IV bag or by squeezing your legs together, you should ideally mount the IV bag to your body above the exit tube so that gravity feeds the urine through the tube. Before the test, try different placements of IV bag and tubing to find the most comfortable position. You can also use surgical tape to ensure the tubing remains in place.

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Founded in 1999, UrineTheClear® continues to be at the forefront of the drug-testing solutions industry with innovative products and procedures. We were the first on the market to dehydrate human urine, the first company to offer a 300% guarantee and continue to be the only company that utilizes GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) when testing our urine.