Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Is there a way you can pass a drug test – either by flushing drugs out of your system or by fooling the test so it can’t detect them?

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Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Is there a way you can pass a drug test – either by flushing drugs out of your system or by fooling the test so it can’t detect them?

You’ve just received word, your employer is going to give you a drug test. This is bad news for you, since you’ve recently taken drugs. But if you fail the test, your job could be at stake. Is there a way you can still pass – either by flushing the drugs out of your system, or by fooling the test so it can’t detect them? Here are a few things you can try.


One of the most common methods of passing a drug test is dilution. If you drink a lot of water before your drug test, it can dilute your urine, so the drugs are harder to detect. How much water depends on the individual, but most experts say between 24 and 32 ounces, consumed two hours before the test, will do the trick. Be careful, though, when drinking a lot of water in a short period of time. Any more than 32 ounces in an hour and you risk water intoxication. This can lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting, and a number of other potential health issues.

The other problem is, most modern drug tests are designed to identify when urine has been diluted, as the excess water dilutes not only the drugs, but the other elements that are meant to be present in healthy urine. Often, testers will be able to tell just by the color. Diluted urine will be clear, rather than yellow.

If your test comes back as a dilute, your employers will suspect you tried to cheat the system, and will most likely make you take the test again. The solution is to take B vitamins with the water, and add salt to it. The B vitamins will help with the color, while the salt will add electrolytes, so the urine won’t seem diluted.

You can also drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is a mild diuretic that can flush some of the toxins out of your body. Though you’ll still need to add salt and B vitamins, as well as creatine, in order to fool the test. And just like with water, you’ll need to drink a huge amount of it in a very short time, in order for it to be effective.


If you take a zinc supplement within a couple of hours of your test, it can mask the drugs and decrease the test’s sensitivity. Be careful not too take too much, though, as it can cause nausea. Just one pill in an ordinary, over the counter bottle of zinc supplements should do the trick.

Small Doses

What if you’re normally drug free, but happened to smoke pot a couple of weeks before your test? It’s still enough to result in a positive drug test, and it can stay in your system up to a month. However, there are some simple ways to clear it out.

First, try exercise. If you have a couple of weeks’ notice before the test, spend some time working out. This will cause the THC to clear out of your body through your sweat and the burning of fat. If you have access to a sauna, you can use it as well, as long as you can use it safely, and avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.

However, you should only use these methods a week or more before the test. If you exercise less than a week before the test, it can actually increase the THC levels in your blood and urine. Exercising releases the THC from your cells, but after that, it needs time to be flushed from your system.

Using Urine

There are several ways you can specifically alter your urine to pass a drug test. First, there are certain additives you can put in it that will neutralize the drugs. They’re poisonous if ingested, but if you add them directly to your urine in the cup, they can help you pass the test.

Another option is synthetic urine. Made up of water, uric acid, creatine, and pH balancers, it simulates real urine in a drug test and can help you pass. Most tests can’t distinguish it from real urine. However, if it’s closely examined in a lab test, the ruse might be found out.

Finally, you can get real urine from another person, who’s clean and drug free. They don’t necessarily need to have similar physiology and health history to you. They don’t even need to be the same gender. Most of the specifics that differentiate one individual’s urine from another’s don’t show up in drug tests, even in the lab.

If you can find a regular source of clean urine, you don’t have to worry about detoxes, dilutions, or anything else. Contact us if you need to pass your drug test with flying colors, every time!


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